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Overfill Prevention Valve 3” female threaded adaptor Remote Fill

by Morrison Bros.

Model: 9095A-3300 AV

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Model: 9095A-3300 AV

The 9095A overfill prevention valve is designated to prevent overfilling storage tanks by providing a positive shut-off during a pressurized fill. The valve installs at the fill port of a storage tank and can be set to the desired shut-off level by using standard length pipe nipples.

Features & Benefits

  • Tight fill connection required
  • 1/3 HP motor
  • Field adjustable float for setting the precise level of shut-off
  • Integral anti-siphon function
  • Full flow to shut-off point
  • Cushioned shut-off eliminates line shock
  • Integral pressure relief feature allows for safe uncoupling at the completion of the fill operation
  • 5 psi and 5 gpm minimum flow requirements
  • 6” Tank opening required
  • 3” Female threaded adaptor for remote fill type installation

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs

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