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Tanks with Dikes

Contain-A-Tank Features:

  • UL 142 Labeled
  • Provides 110% secondary containment
  • Meets Federal SPCC requirements
  • Easily relocated, economical installation
  • Rainshields optional
Storage TankContainment BasinPackages
GallonsDiameterLengthGaugeWeight(lbs.)E. VentLengthWidthHeightGaugeWeightBasinTank & BasinDieselGas
30038"5'12 GA3403"84"48"20"12 GA385$1490 |Call to Order$2675 |Call to Order$3902$4117
55048"6'12 GA5454"94"72"21"10 GA660$1995 |Call to Order$3545 |Call to Order$4769$4969
100048"11'10 GA10456"156"72"24"7 GA1550$4090 |Call to Order$7350 |Call to Order$8512$8711
100064"6'10 GA9306"101"72"36"10 GA970$3320 |Call to Order$5985 |Call to Order$7199$7383
150064"9'7 GA17606"138"96"30"7 GA1800$5150 |Call to Order$9995 |Call to Order$11089$11272
200064"12'7 GA22006"180"96"30"7 GA2200$6140 |Call to Order$11895 |Call to Order$12931$13115
250064"15'7 GA26406"222"96"30"7 GA2600$7310 |Call to Order$14635 |Call to Order$15589$15773
300064"18'7 GA29706"240"96"36"1/4"4110Call to OrderCall to Order
400064"24'7 GA39008"312"96"36"1/4"5300Call to OrderCall to Order
400084"14'1/4"44908"198"108"48"1/4"4400Call to OrderCall to Order
500096"13'6"1/4"53008"204"132"48"1/4"5000Call to OrderCall to Order
600096"16'1/4"59708"248"132"48"1/4"5750Call to OrderCall to Order
800096"21'1/4"74008"332"132"48"1/4"7450Call to OrderCall to Order
1000096"27'1/4"90158"420"132"48"1/4"9100Call to OrderCall to Order
1200096"32'1/4"104008"400"132"60"1/4"10500Call to OrderCall to Order
15000132"21'1/4"117008"372"144"72"1/4"11100Call to OrderCall to Order
20000132"28'1/4"142008"495"144"72"1/4"13940Call to OrderCall to Order

Save on Package Units!

Package Includes:
Model 701V pump, suction stub, filter, fill cap, gauge, emergency vent, normal vent w/nipple, & 1″ plug.
(deduct $1,050 if no pump)

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