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Oval Basement Tanks

Oval Basement Tank Features

Ideal for bulk oil storage
Space saving design

2276 Style B
(Most Popular)

Oval Basement Tanks -- Style B Design
Stock#DescriptionPriceOn-Line Store
2276275 Oval Tank 14ga - Style B$670.00Add to cart

2277275 Oval Tank 14ga - Style B with reel bracket$695.00Add to cart

2287330 Oval Tank 12ga - Style B$895.00Add to cart

2281275 Oval Tank 14ga -Vertical$645.00Add to cart

275 tank dimensions: 27.5″W x44″H x60″L
330 tank dimensions: 27.5″W x44″H x72″L

w/Leg Brackets

Oval Basement Tanks -- with Brackets for Pipe Legs
Stock#DescriptionPriceOn-Line Store
2275275 Oval Tank 14ga$625.00Add to cart

2280275 Oval Tank 14ga with reel bracket$650.00Add to cart

2285330 Oval Tank 12ga$855.00Add to cart

Containment Dike

Containment Basin for Oval Tank
Stock#DescriptionPriceOn-Line Store
464966" L x 32" W x 36" H (Dike only)$854.00Add to cart

Oval Basement Tank -- Accessories
Stock#DescriptionPriceOn-Line Store
22901 ΒΌ" x 8" Pipe Legs (set of 4)$44.00Add to cart

7140Basement Tank Gauge$30.00Add to cart

7902Scully Golden Gauge (reads in gallons)$142.00Add to cart

74002" Fill Cap$14.00Add to cart

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